Olivier, 38

kind of a funny guy

How I see things

So far, without glasses

  • Understanding the city from within

    Together, we will understand the history and urban geography of Marseille, its heritage and its treasures, its funny anecdotes and its remarkable facts, going back in time thanks to postcards, drawings, photos and old and recent maps, without forgetting my personal investigations in town planning: nothing is missing!

  • Contemplate without limit

    We will look for quiet places, find the hidden beauties of the city and walk the small alleys that only local people know.

  • Making efforts to get great rewards

    Efforts never come alone: climbing stairs all the way up offers breathtaking views, going off the beaten tracks allows to beat the crowd, doing sports makes it pleasant and funny.

  • Hiking to better discover the surroundings

    Streets, barriers, stairs, paths, low walls, detours, rocks and beaches: where all vehicles are blocked, our feet are permitted. Hiking allows you to discover the city in depth and without hindrance.

There is nothing more frustrating than to be touched by a landscape through the windows of a car, and to see it fade away a few seconds later. Among all different ways of travelling, only walk can offer the right pace: the human one, which allows us to grasp what is surrounding us, to go everywhere, to stop anytime to better start again, to enjoy, to be moved, to hang around.
Where many see slowness, for me, it's just life that passes before our eyes, calmly and surely.

My world

large enough for everybody

I am passionate about hiking and I am lucky enough to be able to hike more than 200 km in France several times a year, on dedicated paths, while crossing our towns and villages.
I am particularly attached to the itinerant hike, the one for which each morning, we leave a place without saying goodbye and towards a new destination.
I often walk on the path to Saint-Jacques de Compostelle, on the Douanier route, or even through the volcanoes of Auvergne.
Discovering France, its landscapes and its richness at my own pace, is priceless for me. And there is so much more to see!