the breath of fresh air

10 kilometers in 3.5 hours, easy walk

From 1 to 10 people maximum

2 daily departures from the Old Port, AM and PM

Tours in French or in English, languages never mixed

34 euros per adult

15 euros from 14 to 18 years old
Free from 10 to 14 years old

You want to understand all about Marseille and its secrets? Come with me. During this 1st tour together, I'll tell you everything by walking through the heart of the city. In doing sports as well as visiting, in nourishing body & soul! Follow me for a sunny and sporty 10-kilometer hike, accessible to everyone and I will make you discover and enjoy the city differently:

- Reveal its History and Geography, heritage and treasures, funny stories and true historical facts, go back in time through old & contemporary documents and maps.
- Let's go find the quiet spots of Marseille, reveal hidden beauties, stride along narrow streets only known by inhabitants.
- Unearth various and surprising architectural patterns of housing, which are contemporary milestones of a deep and complex History. - Climb stairs up to be offered amazing views, make some nice detours to beat the crowds, find the right spots to get global points of view which help us understand the structure of the city.

Let's go to all the secret spots which are almost impossible to find by yourself, and which are unreachable by car or by bus. One and only mode of transport: our feet!

If you like to contemplate, if you appreciate the beauty of simple things, if you want to do sport, then you will be delighted by this 5-star sporty guided tour in the heart of our beautiful 2600-year-old city!
*** This hike is totally compatible with "Urban Puzzles": in "Urban Puzzles", we learn how the historic hyper-center has developed, here we discover how Marseille has spread beyond. ***

Hike guided by Olivier

100% secured payment

Group rate on request

Postponable or refundable on D-Day in case of bad weather