the ultimate discovery

20 kms total

From 1 to 10 people

AM and PM, meeting at the Old Port

French or English, never mixed

60 € per adult

30 € from 14 to 18
Free from 10 to 14

Let's go for THE great discovery of Marseille, in combining the "Sea and top" and "Urban Puzzles" courses. 20 kilometers, 19 districts, in very small groups: you have a rendezvous with Marseille.

During the "Sea and top" route, we will discover how Marseille has developed beyond its hyper center, between urban villages, seaside, hilltop et get a wide and dense overview of the Marseilles' unique culture.

Once these fundamentals have been acquired, the "Urban Puzzles" route, will let us explore the historic hyper center as a whole unique world, to understand how the history of these neighborhoods shapes the lives of today's inhabitants. A rich, hectic, joyful, mixed and bubbling life, a complex culture, out of the ordinary, with a thousand facets and just as much as surprises.

Both routes are very complementary, and if you really want to understand Marseille in its entirety, they are inseparable. This is why we have chosen the name of "Total Marseille" which could not better define this extraordinary journey.

At the end of the day, the legs are stretched, the mind is filled with images, perfumes and sounds of the fascinating Marseille city. Marseille culture has swept us away in its whirlwind of infinite riches. His unique temperament has moved us with his generosity and kindness of soul. A great journey, a great immersion, a whole Marseille, not to be missed.

For a complete immersion and a unique discovery, we invite you to combine your 2 hikes in one day, starting with "Sea and summit" in the morning then "Urban Puzzles" in the afternoon. But if you plan a more comfortable trip in Marseille, you can obviously plan two half-days and do the two routes one by one, when you want.
Mais pour plus de confort, vous pouvez bien sûr planifier deux dates différentes et faire les deux parcours séparément, quand vous en aurez envie.

Hike guided by Olivier

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