the charming mess

10 kms in 3.5 hours, easy but in crowded environment

1 to 8 people, 15 for a private group

AM and PM, meeting at the Old Port

French or English, never mixed

34 € per adult

15 € from 14 to 18
Free from 7 to 14

Fully compatible with the tour "Sea and top", we are now together for a very special 8 to 10 kilometers cultural discovery walk, deep in the city center of Marseille! We will hike throughout the History from antiquity to seize what Marseille culture has to offer today.
Many districts make up a city center as rich as it is heterogeneous, and make Marseille this bubbling city, colorful, surprising, intense and unique but also difficult to discover, demanding and sometimes even hard if you do not have the keys to understand it properly.
So let's see how one lives in some emblematic neighborhoods, what happens there every day, their various beauties that they make you dizzy.
And we are also together to understand them: while visiting, we explore the long history of urban development, the major historical events, and all the human, political, social richness of the heart of the city, which made this charming puzzle emerge to shape the identity of the city.

We explore in depth some specific themes, such as street art, gastronomy, housing, demographic diversity, places to go out, the daily life of the people of Marseille, etc.

Overall, this is a true concentrate of Marseille, where each district brings a facet of the culture and all together create the unique and indivisible temper of the city.

This hike is totally compatible with "Sea an Top". During "Sea and Top", we embrasse the key elements of the Marseilles' culture in discovering the disctricts just nearby the hyper center. In "Urban Puzzles", we dig deeper inside the temper of Marseilles in diving in the "hyper center".

Hike guided by Olivier

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