The urban hikes of Marseille

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Discover Marseille differently

Mysterious and fascinating, Marseille offers a so rich, complex and different culture that it's an entire world to discover.
So together, we explore its history, its geography, its sociology, its daily life. We go where the people of Marseille live to meet them. We share the beauties of a city that only reveals itself to those who love it

3 urban hikes and uniques routes to explore Marseille and its amazing culture.

Tailor-made and private guided tours for companies, families, schools, institutions...

Avec With Olivier, guide lecturer, urban planner, cartographer, and invested in city life., guide conférencier, géographe urbaniste et habitant investi pour sa ville.

3 uniques routes

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Tailored-made tours for pros and private groups

Companies, families, institutions, friends, educational projects...

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