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Offer a urban hike in Marseille

THE gift card made of hike, culture & contemplation

Guided tours like no other to discover Marseille in a different way

Mysterious and fascinating, Marseille offers a so rich, complex and different culture that it's an entire world to discover.
With this gift card, you're offering to discover its history, geography, temper and daily life. To go on an adventure to meet Marseille people, to explore the city as we explore an universe and to contemplate the infinite beauties of a city that reveals its sescrets only to those who love it.

Our state of mind, by Olivier

  • Understanding the city from within

    Together, we will understand the history and urban geography of Marseille, its heritage and its treasures, its funny anecdotes and its remarkable facts, going back in time thanks to postcards, drawings, photos and old and recent maps, without forgetting my personal investigations in town planning: nothing is missing!

  • Contemplating without limit

    We will look for quiet places, find the hidden beauties of the city and walk the small alleys that only local people know.

  • Making efforts to enjoy more

    Efforts never come alone: climbing stairs all the way up offers breathtaking views, going off the beaten tracks allows to beat the crowd, doing sports makes it pleasant and funny.

  • Hiking to better discover the surroundings

    Streets, barriers, stairs, paths, low walls, detours, rocks and beaches: where all vehicles are blocked, our feet are permitted. Hiking allows you to discover the city in depth and without hindrance.

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