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Urban Hike - the urban hikes of Marseille

Olivier Duvallet, self-employed (French "micro-entreprise" legal status)
6, avenue des Chutes Lavie, 13004 MARSEILLE, FR
+33 (0)7 62 53 15 46
Company number : SIRET 853 143 824 00011

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The "Urban Hike" brand is a registered trademark in France at the "National Institute of Intellectual Property" (INPI) under National Number 21 4 732 945. Therefore, the "Urban Hike" brand cannot be used on French territory without the prior authorization of its depositor: Olivier DUVALLET.


Material and immaterial damages which can be caused to Urban Hike employees and customers are covered by Professional Civil Liability insurance and Operational and Employer Civil Liability insurance contracted with:
Hiscox Insurances under contract number HSXPM310025510
For more information, do not hesitate to contact us on this page: https://urbanhike.fr/contacts/